wait.. is josh dallas prince charming from once upon a time?
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He sure is~

He is he is both Charming and Dashing~ trololol

It’s kinda why I started watching Once Upon a Time. I saw Josh Dallas cast and then started looking into it and the promo caught me and now I can’t stop watching it. :B

you know I see your loki's both of which are amazing and i want to kinda make a clint accoutn so i can rp with you but then i get scared cause i don't understand tumblr rp. and then sad because i doubt i could pull off a good clint T_T but i love you, that was uhh the point of all this
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Aww I think you should do it. Because reasons.


This one is the indie one that I do what ever the crap I feel with.

The other one is in a group so I don’t do much responding with other characters that aren’t in the group.

*hugs* just *hugs more and gives chocolate*
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I’m hoping to go myself this year.

Maybe if I am lucky and can get my Loki done in time, I might bring it with me~ :’3

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i don’t know where you live actually. im right by toronto. im hoping to make it for once as well

I’m a Winnipeger~ :B 

I was hoping I could have most of my Loki costume done by now, and then finish it and wear it to Fan Expo… But due to lack of proper funds I hardly even have enough materials to get started on said Loki costume. :/

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i feel you pain bro. my only trip outside of ontario ever was to detroit for pizza (i lived in windsor right on the border)

I am trying so hard to get to Fan Expo in Toronto this year… But, I don’t know if I’ll have the money. D’:

That’s… Sort of close to Windsor right? Only like a few hours away or something right? Well, hell of a lot closer than Winnipeg is that’s for sure lol.

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I don’t know William T_T what is he from so like a good Canadian i can download and watch it XD

Return to Cranford, it’s a 2 part TV mini series thing.

I used to have download links… but… Megaupload is no more ;~;

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but if he was pocket sized you couldn’t cuddle him properly. so why not plush sized?


This is true…


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ah yes thank you. those are so sexy and i am truly envious


They take a while to load but that’s cuz they are MASSIVE.

Sadly the Hawkeye one is the only one with text still on it. D:

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i tried this earlier.. guess it didn’t go through. can i see the link to the post where you posted them?

These are my prints of them all shiny and framed: http://bambistark.tumblr.com/post/17596150009/my-posters-are-done-those-super-hi-res-photos-a

I’m trying to refind the site with the hi-res photos.