So, normally I don’t enter contests and what not, cuz generally I do costumes for the fun and not try to blatantly pit myself against others. I mean I don’t think anything bad about costume contests and the like, they’re usually just not my thing. (MAYBE when the full Loki costume is done, I’ll attempt one full costume contest but I’m still undecided).

But one of my friends mentioned the prop contest, it was the first year Aikon was doing it, so there wasn’t much word about it. So she was poking me to enter. At first I wasn’t sure, but I eventually gave in and decided to put my name on the list with my Loki helmet.

There wasn’t many entries, because again it’s a new contest. The entries that were there were all pretty awesome, the awards could have gone to anyone really. But, I ended up taking best over all. Which, is actually a pretty awesome feeling. Especially after all the work I put into this helmet. 

So, here’s my fancy little award. c:

(I also look a little derpy because it was the end of the day and I was super sleepy… XD)