Aaahhhh the sweet relief of removing all the Thor tags from my Tumblr Saviour. c’:

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We could party~ :’D

As much as I would love to bring this armour with me if I can go to D*C, I do NOT trust an airport with it. Nope. No way. Something will get lost or broken. I’d need a more portable costume choice that can just be shoved into a suitcase and not need a big tote for it.

Comic Loki anyone?

There’s a small glimmer of hope for Dragon*Con this year…. We’ll see where that goes. >_>


dancing Zachary and Tom was so cute.

i really like new Fandral…o<-<


Learn to sew a body suit… or give in and buy one from China…?

It will probably take me like 20 years to master sewing my own body suit to be honest. I know people who have been sewing for years who refuse to do them… And I’m honestly just finally learning more sewing. 


Your Loki cosplay is awesome! Also! YAY ANOTHER CANADIAN!
+ winchester-who-locked-serenity

:D Thank you.

[fist bumps for Canada] Awe yisss Canada~

photo by: C. Sta. Brigada

photo by: C. Sta. Brigada